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good reasons to choose an international school
September 21, 2023

What are good reasons to choose an International School?

Vietnamese society is developing, and so is education. Many families aspire to provide their children with the best learning environments that promote cultural exchange between countries. However, Vietnamese parents often have concerns about the quality of the environment in international schools and the differences between the international curriculum and traditional Vietnamese education. Exploring articles, such as the one from International School Saigon Pearl, can provide valuable reasons to consider choosing an international school.

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Some good reasons to choose an international school

Some good reasons to choose an international school (Source: ISSP)

What makes international schools stand out from others? 6 good reasons to choose an international school.  

Should Vietnamese parents send their children to an international school? The answer is yes. So, what are some good reasons to choose an international school? Attending an international school is a valuable experience for students of all ages. Education at an international school allows students to experience differences in various cultures and environments. These experiences will help children broaden their horizons, close language gaps, become proficient in different languages, and have greater opportunities for further study, often abroad. An international school diploma is recognized and valid all over the world, which gives children prestige to further personal growth. It is not obvious that many parents always want their children to attend an international school. Let’s explore 6 good reasons to choose an international school.

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6 good reasons to choose an international school

6 good reasons to choose an international school  (Source: ISSP)

1. Globalized learning

International schools always offer advanced curricula such as Cambridge IGCSE, International Baccalaureate (IB), and Edexcel. These programs are designed to meet international standards and are comprehensively certified by prestigious educational institutions around the world. Therefore, children will learn new knowledge through practical activities. In lieu of just learning from books, international school students will be trained in parallel, applying the knowledge taught by teachers through real-life situations. The subjects will be highly practical, helping them to form and equip them with the necessary knowledge and skills to become global citizens who can develop in the future.

In addition, enrolling in foreign schools is also less of a hassle once your children have studied at an international school. They help children moving from another international environment to easily continue their education with minimal disruption. Many international schools offer admission on a rolling basis, which ensures that whenever this change occurs, children can be accommodated quickly. The curriculum as well as modern teaching methods are also regularly updated to prepare students to advance academically and compete in any of the top universities.

Not only that, in our increasingly globalized world, it is more important than ever for our children to understand the wider world and develop a global mindset. These are also good reasons to choose an international school because the International schools are globally focused and provide students with skills and knowledge that encourage them to become active citizens in the global community. They are also culturally diverse spaces and allow students to connect with children from all over the world, not to mention culturally knowledgeable teachers from many different countries.

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2. Internationally recognised qualifications

One of the good reasons to choose an international school is that the qualifications offered by international schools are mostly internationally recognized. This is an important factor to consider in choosing your school. An international curriculum not only equips them with globally recognized education and qualifications but also means they can move easily from one school to another. For example, the International Baccalaureate* (IB) program is taught at international schools in nearly 150 countries. For example, this may be more appropriate for a school in the US that teaches a US curriculum or a school in the UK that will be based on the syllabus of the GCSE and A-Level exams. The IB curriculum is also known for its emphasis on critical and independent thinking, and this makes students more competent and internationally minded.

In addition, International Schools have an exceptionally comprehensive curriculum that allows students to customize their knowledge. They can discover themselves by choosing some extracurricular activities in addition to core subjects, such as creative writing, performing arts, sports, etc.

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The qualifications offered by international schools are internationally recognized

The qualifications offered by international schools are internationally recognized (Source: ISSP)

3. Personal growth

Is sending your child to an international school a risky investment? This is a question which is asked by many parents. Regardless of the chance, going to an international school will bring many outstanding advantages. Helping children with their comprehensive development is a good reason to choose an international school.

Firstly, in most international schools, the main language is English, learning and communicating entirely in English will help children practice foreign languages from an early age. This allows your child to proficiently use two languages from a young age.

Along with learning English, the international school also equips with academic knowledge focusing on training necessary life skills for children such as behavioral skills, communication skills, or thinking and handling skills. These skills are imparted through regular school hours and various extracurricular activities. This creates conditions for students to discover and promote their hidden talents and abilities under the guidance of professional instructors. The skills they develop can help build their critical thinking abilities, boost their confidence, improve their problem-solving abilities, and help them access unexpected career opportunities and personal interests.

Simultaneously, international programs often aim at the holistic development of children intellectually, mentally, physically, and socially. These are the standards required of a global resident. Students at the international school will include many students from many different countries, so they will be acquainted and exposed to many different cultures, lifestyles, and perspectives. Parents also do not need to worry too much because they are afraid that their children will find it difficult to get along. This is a great opportunity to help them integrate quickly. This is also a stepping stone to help them quickly become elite global citizens.

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4. Exciting environment as an opportunity for development

The good reasons to choose an international school are the investment in facilities, infrastructure, and high-quality equipment. To meet the standard of international testing, most schools make every effort to invest in facilities systemically and systematically. They always try to build and improve the quality of the school’s facilities to bring the best learning conditions to students. The spacious space is fully equipped with the necessary equipment for the learning process in classrooms, libraries, swimming pools, football fields, etc. Besides, depending on the level of investment, each school will have a plan to maintain and upgrade special facilities.

Not only that, at the International School, students will learn with many foreign friends such as the UK, Australia, USA, Germany, Italy, etc. They are all children of foreign families living in Vietnam. Therefore, the International School has a combination of many cultures. This is a great opportunity for Vietnamese students to exchange and learn about other countries’ cultures, helping them better understand the diversity of cultures in the world. Each country will have a different culture despite certain similarities. Children who attend international schools will have a better understanding of how they should communicate when meeting friends around the world, and they also gain more confidence.

These privileges are an advantage of the International School, which represents one of the most coveted schools in the region. The International School is a school with a great reputation among universities and has a program that provides the most comprehensive academic foundation and is a stepping stone to further study abroad.

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 Exciting environment is an opportunity for children to develop themselvesExciting environment is an opportunity for children to develop themselves (Source: ISSP)

5. Greater academic and career opportunities

Attending an international school makes it easy for students to get into top universities around the world, without an entrance test. Many of these schools have partnerships with certain universities, allowing them to place students with good potential into institutions that can better nurture their talents and abilities to fulfill their career potential. 

One of the plus points of good reasons to choose an international school is highly qualified teachers with great achievements in the education industry. International school teachers will have to go through a rigorous recruitment process. International teachers not only have qualifications and professional certificates but also global certificates. Teachers are regularly examined and trained in their profession, health, and psychology to ensure the best quality education and knowledge transmission. Highly qualified teachers are trained in modern teaching techniques and can use the latest interactive technologies in the classroom environment. This way of teaching helps arouse students’ curiosity and interaction and helps them better keep up when encountering the same thing in college.

The variety of extracurricular activities they offer also helps present their students as well-rounded individuals with the necessary soft and social skills, making them more valuable to schools. universities and future employers. It also shows them more possibilities when they pursue higher education or career paths.

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6. Diverse curriculum and holistic development

 Diverse curriculum and holistic development are good reasons to choose an international schoolDiverse curriculum and holistic development are good reasons to choose an international school (Source: ISSP)

International schools provide an enriching experience for students when they have the chance to learn and connect with classmates and teachers from diverse cultures and backgrounds. The many friendships and relationships they create at this point will benefit them as they mature.

Exposure to different cultures and personalities helps students to be more open to new experiences and to adapt to the differences encountered in this world. Interacting with many international friends is a way to make them more confident. You have to open your heart to share with friends around. They will learn from their foreign friend’s confidence when standing in front of a crowd. This is a point that few public schools in Vietnam can provide.

It can be a challenging experience for those who have to overcome language barriers, but it is also an experience for them to foster their ability to solve problems and find effective means of communication. Children who are educated in such an environment will adapt well to traveling, living, and working in different regions as adults. Independence and responsibility are other traits that are further nurtured when students attend international schools that offer dormitory accommodation.

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International School Saigon Pearl  – the best choice for your children

Diverse curriculum and holistic development are good reasons to choose an international schoolA extracurricular classes in International School Saigon Pearl (Source: ISSP)

All the good reasons to choose an international school, which is mentioned above, are available at International School Saigon Pearl (ISSP). ISSP is an international preschool and primary school for children from 18 months to 11 years old located in Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. International School Saigon Pearl, accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) and the Council of International Schools (CIS). ISSP’s curriculum is built according to the IB PYP framework, combined with American and Vietnamese standards to provide a good experience, suitable for Vietnamese students.

At International School Saigon Pearl, children’s early life experiences are always focused and cared for. Because this is a foundation for children’s successful training and learning journey. The curriculum for preschool is built on the Reggio Emilia philosophy combined with the IB PYP framework.

The primary program at ISSP will be the International Baccalaureate Primary School PYP and American standards. This curriculum, therefore, ensures that their learning is organized across science, math, music, language arts, and social studies. These subjects are guaranteed according to the national standards of the US.

For more information about specific facilities or programs, parents can schedule a school tour or contact ISSP Admissions Office via the following contact methods:

The above article has clearly stated some good reasons to choose an international school. ISSP hopes that parents have had a more specific view on sending your children to international schools. If you want more information about what international schools are or how to enroll in International School Saigon Pearl, please check out our website.