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School Services

To support families in helping your child succeed in school, ISSP provides a selection of School Services to be utilized at your convenience. Below is further information in the additional services we offer.

All fees are quoted in Vietnamese Dong.


ISSP offers an optional bus service for children 4 years and above and align with our culture of Safeguarding and Child Protection. All transportation staff receive Safeguarding and Child Protection training to meet the school’s policies and procedures. There are clear expectations of behavior and safety from children that use the bus service.

All buses are equipped with seat belts and there is adult supervision on all journeys. If you have any questions regarding the school’s transportation service, please contact the Transport Coordinator directly for further information

B1 (under 5km) 98,000 150,000
B2 (under 10km) 169,000 260,000
B3 (over 10km) 182,000 280,000


The school offers an optional canteen service for lunch and snack, which is provided by Global Café. In accordance with the school’s approach to promoting a healthy lifestyle, the menus are nutritious and balanced. There is a wide selection of choice available with daily menus including Western, Asian and Vegetarian options. If your child has specific dietary or intolerances requirements, the canteen can accommodate these. Our canteen and school strives to be a Nut Free environment with a comprehensive Nut Minimization policy.

Fees are inclusive of all charges and VAT receipts are invoices separately. The fee is refundable if a child’s absence is recorded before 9am.

Early Years 1 and 2 74,000
Early Years 3 – Kindergarten 82,000
Grade 1 – 5 96,000
Fresh Juice 35,000

Canteen Menu - Term 4 - 2023-2024


As a member of our community, all ISSP students are required to wear the schools uniform to promote respect and pride amongst each other. The uniform identifies children as belonging to the ISSP community. There are several options that children can choose from to suit their preferences.

Our Uniform Shop is open Monday – Friday, at 7:30am to 8:30am and at 15:00 – 16:30.

ITEM Loại đồng phục PRICE (VND)
Polo shirt Áo Polo có cổ 240,000
Round neck T-shirt Áo thun cổ tròn 190,000
V neck T-shirt Áo thun cổ chữ V 190,000
Blue cargo pants Quấn xanh có túi 170,000
Blue skirt Váy xanh 170,000
Grey shorts Quần xám 270,000
Grey skirt Váy xám 270,000
Sport shorts Quần thể thao (Nam & Nữ) 160,000
House T-shirt Áo Thun 4 màu 260,000
Hat Nón 80,000

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