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Achieving Social-Emotional Development at International School Saigon Pearl

Why do children go to school? Cultivating knowledge and skills necessary for an independent, working life is important, but that is only part of the story.

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The Importance of Holistic Physical Education from a Young Age

“Even if you lose, is being a good teammate important?” Holly Younglove, the Physical Education Specialist at ISSP asked the dozen-or-so students gathered in front of her.

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International school increased focus on students mental health

If a student is not safe and mentally and emotionally healthy, they will be unable to reach their academic and social potential.


How ISSP ensures student safety

When sending their children to school, parents must be confident that they are physically, emotionally and mentally safe. “Safety is a broad concept,” explains Kristin, Student Counsellor at ISSP


Maximizing the Benefits of Home-Based Learning in Vietnam

While in-person classes remain temporarily on hold in order to protect the health of students, teachers and communities, home-based learning offers a multitude of benefits for students.

How schools emphasize whole child development

“Whole child development is so important because a child is absorbing the world around them, learning the complexities around them, and that world can be different depending on how we engage the child,” says Lester Stephens, Head of School at ISSP