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Houses System

ISSP House System

ISSP has a House system that consists of four Houses; Bohol (Green), Apo (Yellow), Javan (Red), and Luzon (Blue). The ISSP mascot is a Sunbird, whose name is “Champ”. Each House has been named after a sunbird species that lives in Southeast Asia to connect the House names to the school identity. Each student is assigned to a House upon entrance to ISSP and they remain in that House throughout their time at ISSP. Siblings are assigned to the same House. All faculty and staff are also assigned to a House. Each student and staff member receives a House shirt in the color of their assigned House. Shirts are worn throughout the year to promote House activities and increase school spirit.

The acronym SOAR has been created to tie the House system to the school’s values. SOAR stands for:


O – Obtain WISDOM

A – Always be HONEST and CARING

R – RESPECT others

“SOAR” is used as a catch-all title for our House system. Within each House, there are several sub-groupings called SOAR Teams. Each SOAR Team consists of 2 adults (generally, 1 faculty member and 1 teaching assistant/staff member), and a small group of students from Kindergarten to Grade 5. These teams meet regularly throughout the year to receive lessons about and participate in activities that support the ISSP Values. In addition, these groupings between year levels offer leadership opportunities for older students and build relationships between students and faculty/staff.

The purpose of the House System is to provide students with a sense of belonging to the ISSP community while also enjoying friendly competition amongst peers. Students can earn points for their House through earning SOAR tickets for following ISSP Expected Behaviors and Values and participating in activities throughout the year. At the end of each Term, an assembly is held and a House champion is identified for each school Term and for the entire school year. Visual displays help to promote the House system and encourage positive student behaviors.

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