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The Lasting Benefits Of Summer Camp
November 12, 2021

The Lasting Benefits Of Summer Camp

As summer approaches, schools are planning for the finish of the term, educators are breathing a collective sigh of relief, kids are anticipating their vacation, and guardians are considering how their youngsters can benefit as much as possible from this long break. One creative and productive outlet available throughout the summer months is a day camp.

Most guardians value the benefit of sending their children to class. Proper education and the inherent qualifications it brings are a basic part of setting up a kid for their future. Be that as it may, to prepare your child for life in the adult world, they need an abundance of skills well beyond those picked up by sitting behind their school desk. Soft skills such as critical thinking, confidence, autonomy, drive, imagination and emotional intelligence, among numerous others.

These day’s much of one’s youth is regularly spent inside, with a PC, tablet or cell phone for entertainment. Connections and social communication are going on by means of a screen, as opposed to in-person. Children need to unplug, explore themselves and their environment, and push their limits. A byproduct of this unplugging will be memories that remain with them forever and acquired skills that will give them an incredible foundation for the rest of their life.

This exact sort of experience is offered by Camp Asia. Their engaging programs enable children to explore the world around them and gain important life skills, all while improving their English. Destinations include the likes of Madagui, Ta Lai Longhouse, Dao O Dong Truong Island, and Nam Cat Tien National Park. Here, kids learn through group building exercises, for example, camping, rock climbing, rafting, and even useful survival skills.

Other than adventure camps, Camp Asia additionally offers beach outings with exciting water activities. Kids can spend time in Nha Trang, Phu Quoc Island, Nam Du Island, and Ky Co Peninsula.

One of Camp Asia’s most well-renowned offerings is their Service Learning Trip which is an incredible choice for kids to learn how their actions can affect society and the earth. Camp Asia has partnered with nearby schools and shelters to create a program to show kids societal differences, solidarity, and volunteering.

With programs running in Ben Tre, Vinh Long, Khanh Hoa, Saigon, Dong Nai, Da Nang, and Tay Ninh, kids gain both practical and social skills through community-building ventures, learning about local businesses, hands-on experience in farming, and trade programs with kids from less-fortunate upbringings. This is an incredible choice for guardians who need their children to accomplish something a bit more meaningful while on summer break.

For more information on Camp Asia and other summer camps in the region, please contact ISSP – prestigious international school of Ho Chi Minh City and our admissions team for further assistance.