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Information about the MAP test at International School Saigon Pearl
February 17, 2022

Information about the MAP test at International School Saigon Pearl (ISSP)

The MAP test is being used by most international preschools and primary schools to monitor and assess student learning. This test not only brings positive effects to learners but also improves the student assessment system in international schools. For gathering more information about the MAP test at International School Saigon Pearl (ISSP), the high quality American international school, please read the following article.

Visit International School Saigon Pearl (ISSP) with American standard to learn more about the MAP test with 80% students to achieve above grade level English Reading and Mathematics

What is Measures of Academic Progress (MAP)?

The MAP, which stands for Measure of Academic Progress, is an American standard used to assess student learning according to the K-12 system from kindergarten to high school. The MAP mainly applies to 4 main subjects including Math, Reading, Language, Science. English is the primary and commonly used language in MAP.

The MAP test is a computer-based test built on a stable and ongoing basis that provides reliable insights throughout a student learning process year by year. The difficulty of the MAP test changes constantly based on the improvement of students. In particular, there is no time limit for tests. Students will complete each test based on their ability. Usually, the average time for them to complete a test for each subject is about 45 minutes.

The results of this comprehensive competency assessment will provide a lot of useful information for schools in the process of supporting and adjusting the curriculum to suit students.

The benefits of MAP test in assessing student performance at international schools

The MAP test has a lot of benefits for both students and teachers at international schools.

Personalizing learning pathways of students

The system of the MAP test on the computer can automatically adjust the difficulty level of questions based on the student’s answers during the test. If the student answers the current question correctly, the system will move on to the next more difficult question. On the other hand, if their answer is incorrect, the system will take them to a less difficult question. Therefore, the MAP tests are personalized and tailored to each student’s learning level, helping them improve and develop holistically.

Improving the efficiency and quality of teaching

With detailed student assessment information from the MAP test, teachers can better adjust instruction to their students, whether their education level is equal to or higher than a level of the current class. In addition, teachers can easily make a teaching plan, apply appropriate methods to help students develop their strengths, improve their weaknesses, and orient them on their learning pathways. Besides, these reports also help leaders improve teaching processes across the entire school.

MAP test at International School Saigon Pearl

International School Saigon Pearl (ISSP) is a prestigious and credible international school of Ho Chi Minh City for children from 18 months to 11 years old. ISSP is not only a member of the Cognita group with more than 85 school members worldwide but also the only international preschool and primary school in Ho Chi Minh City that is fully accredited by both CIS and NEASC. Since 2023, ISSP has been officially authorized by the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) to offer the IB PYP curriculum, known for its high academic standards.

International School Saigon Pearl (ISSP)

ISSP uses the MAP test for English Reading and Mathematics throughout the school year. There will be two tests for ISSP students in the Fall and Spring each school year. It is significant that 80% of ISSP students achieve above grade level English Reading and Mathematics compared to worldwide results in the MAP test.

The MAP test data is also used to determine the development level of each student, thereby building goals and learning pathways based on a set of standards suitable for them. Therefore, when sending a child or children to ISSP, the high quality American international school, parents can be completely assured.

For more information, parents can book a school tour to visit ISSP by contacting the ISSP Admissions Office via:

The MAP test offers many practical and significant benefits to early years and primary education. For this reason, parents should choose international schools using this test in the student assessment process which is very helpful for students to develop comprehensively.

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