ISSP Tuition Fees

ISSP 2019 - 2020 Tuition Fess

The tuition fee is inclusive of the following; 

  • All text books for Early Years and Elementary students
  • All learning resources and stationary for Early Years and Elementary students
  • Selected After School Activities and Sports programs 
  • Support for English as an Additional Language (EAL)
  • School Counseling services
  • Special Educational Needs (SEN) support
  • Day field trips for Early Years and Elementary 
  • Over night field trips for Grade 3 - 5 are heavily subsidized by the School 
  • 1:1 iPad devices for Grade 3 students
  • 1:1 laptop computers for Grade 4 and 5 students

Below are the payment plans that are available for the 2019 - 2020 academic year. Alternatively, you can download the table by clicking here

All fees are quoted in Vietnamese Dong

Early Years 1 & 2 (Half Day)203,900,000
Early Years 1 & 2 (Full Day)279,200,000
Early Years 3301,900,000
Early Years 4301,900,000
Grade 1 - 2445,200,000
Grade 3 - 5445,300,000
EARLY YEARSSemester 1 Semester 2
Early Years 1 & 2 (Half Day)105,000,000105,000,000
Early Years 1 & 2 (Full Day)143,800,000143,800,000
Early Years 3155,500,000155,500,000
Early Years 4155,500,000155,500,000
(payment before 1st July 2019)(payment before 1st December 2019)
ELEMENTARYSemester 1 Semester 2
Grade 1 - 2229,300,000229,300,000
Grade 3 - 5229,300,000229,300,000
(payment before 1st July 2019)(payment before 1st December 2019)
EARLY YEARSTerm 1 Term 2 Term 3 Term 4
Early Years 1 & 2 (Half Day)75,600,00054,000,00054,000,00032,400,000
Early Years 1 & 2 (Full Day)103,600,00074,000,00074,000,00044,400,000
Early Years 3112,000,00080,000,00080,000,00048,000,000
Early Years 4112,000,00080,000,00080,000,00048,000,000
(payment before 1st July 2019)(payment before 1st October 2019)(payment before 1st December 2019)(payment before 1st March 2020)
ELEMENTARYTerm 1 Term 2 Term 3 Term 4
Grade 1 - 2165,200,000118,000,000118,000,00070,800,000
Grade 3 - 5165,200,000118,000,000118,000,00070,800,000
(payment before 1st July 2019)(payment before 1st October 2019)(payment before 1st December 2019)(payment before 1st March 2020)

Here you can find the breakdown of ISSP tuition fees for the current year.  Fees can be paid annually (1 payment), per semester (2 payments), or per term (4 payments).

Admissions Fee

An admissions fee of 25,000,000 vnd will be required at the time of application. This fee is only applied to new enrolling students at ISSP and is not applicable to returning students. This admissions fee will be applied if there is a possible vacancy for a student who meets the appropriate academic and English requirements, as stated in the ISSP admissions policy.

The fee covers the costs of administrative procedures necessary for processing student applications; including student interviews, English language interviews (if required), reviewing academic history, placement in grades and classes, allocation of subjects and timetabling.

For the first enrolling child, this fee will be paid in full. Any subsequent sibling will be entitled to a 50% discount. The admissions fee is paid at the time of application and is non refundable.

Payment Options

Non-corporate fee paying families are able to choose from three options. The fees can be paid annually or through a semester plan, twice a year or through a term plan, four times a year.

Sibling Discount

A sibling discount is offered for non-corporate fee payers. The second family child enrolled in either ISHCMC American Academy or International School Saigon Pearl will receive a 5% discount. The third, and subsequent siblings, will receive a 20% discount on the annual tuition fees. Siblings from your family who attend ISHCMC also count towards the sibling discount program at ISSP, but there is no discount applied to ISHCMC tuition.