ISSP Tuition Fees

ISSP 2022 - 2023 Tuition Fees

The annual tuition fee is the fee payable for a specifically designed and structured
program, which includes:

  • All stationeries and learning materials
  • Students Support services, which include: Support for English as an Additional Language
  • (EAL), Special Educational Needs (SEN) support.
  • Selected After School Activities (ASA) and Sports Programs.
  • ICT Technology Integration.
  • School Counselor to support student's well-being (Social and emotional).

*Our tuition fee is all-inclusive and cannot be changed or unbundled.

Below are the payment plans that are available for the 2022 - 2023 academic year. Alternatively, you can download the table by clicking here. 

All fees are quoted in Vietnamese Dong

Here you can find the breakdown of ISSP tuition fees for the current year.  Fees can be paid annually (1 payment), per semester (2 payments), or per term (4 payments).

Early Years 1 & 2 (Half Day)224,900,000
Early Years 1 & 2 (Full Day)307,900,000
Early Years 3337,900,000
Early Years 4337,900,000
Grade 1 - 2505,500,000
Grade 3 - 5505,600,000
EARLY YEARSSemester 1 Semester 2
Early Years 1 & 2 (Half Day)115,800,000115,800,000
Early Years 1 & 2 (Full Day)158,600,000158,600,000
Early Years 3174,000,000174,000,000
Early Years 4174,000,000174,000,000
payment before 1st July 2022 50%payment before 1st December 2022 50%
ELEMENTARYSemester 1 Semester 2
Grade 1 - 2260,300,000260,300,000
Grade 3 - 5260,400,000260,400,000
payment before 1st July 2021 (50%)payment before 1st December 2021 (50%)
EARLY YEARSTerm 1 Term 2 Term 3 Term 4
Early Years 1 & 2 (Half Day)83,400,00059,600,00059,600,00035,800,000
Early Years 1 & 2 (Full Day)114,200,00081,600,00081,600,00081,600,000
Early Years 3125,400,00089,500,00089,500,00053,700,000
Early Years 4125,400,00089,500,00089,500,00053,700,000
payment before 1st July 2022 (35%)payment before 1st October 2022 (25%)payment before 1st December 2022 (25%)payment before 1st March 2022 (15%)
ELEMENTARYTerm 1 Term 2 Term 3 Term 4
Grade 1 - 2187,500,000134,000,000134,000,00080,400,000
Grade 3 - 5187,600,000134,000,000126,400,00080,400,000
payment before 1st July 2022 (35%)payment before 1st October 2022 (25%)payment before 1st December 2022 (25%)payment before 1st March 2022 (15%)


ISSP requires a compulsory non-refundable re-enrollment deposit of 22,500,000 VND to be paid by all current students in March of each year to secure a place for the following academic year. In March/April the Board of Management sets the school tuition fees for the next academic year; after which time the tuition fee invoices are sent out to all current parents. The re-enrollment deposit is fully deducted from the total annual tuition fee due.

Admissions Fee 25,000,000 VND

This admissions fee will be applied if there is a possible vacancy for a student who meets the appropriate academic and social emotion requirements, as stated in the ISSP admissions

The Admissions Fee covers the costs of administrative procedures necessary for processing student applications; including student interviews, English language interviews (if required), reviewing academic history, placement in grades and classes, allocation of subjects and timetabling.

For the first enrolling student, this fee will be paid in full. Any subsequent sibling will be given a 50% discount.

The Admissions Fee is paid at the time of application and is not refundable.

Payment Options

Non-corporate fee payers are able to choose from three payment options: annual plan, or semester plan (twice a year) or term plan (four times per year).h a term plan, four times a year.

Sibling Discount

Sibling discount is offered for non-corporate fee payers and applied on tuition fees only. The second oldest family child will receive a 5% discount. The third oldest will receive a 20% discount. The fourth oldest and subsequent siblings will receive a 35% discount. Siblings from your family who attend Cognita Vietnam schools also count towards the sibling discount program at ISSP.

Early bird discount

A four percent (4%) early bird discount is offered to students whose annual tuition fees paid in full by June 01, 2022. The early bird discount is applied last after the sibling discount and other deductions (if any).


This school, like any other, is likely to undergo a number of changes during the time your child is enrolled.
In any cases where local authorities may mandate school closures under exceptional circumstances without fault of the school (e.g. global pandemic, natural disasters, etc.), or the school decides not to hold classes at school due to objective reasons (fire, acts of God, war, terrorism, etc.) to ensure the safety of students and teachers, the school will enable learning from home arrangements (or “home based learning”).
Home based learning will be undertaken by teachers in a practical, safe, and secure manner. Home based learning will be facilitated through prescribed online channels and learning platforms. The school is committed to maintaining the high quality of learning when home based learning arrangements are active. Student attendance and work online will also be recorded to allow teachers to track student progress. The school’s responsibility is to prepare and deliver home based learning content, it is parents’ responsibility to ensure their child(ren) participate in the home learning programme provided.
The school may also decide to temporarily suspend the teaching and reschedule the teaching time instead of arrangement of home based learning, provided that the school ensure completion of the curriculum. In such exceptional circumstances, the school will be deemed completion of its teaching obligations committed to the students and their parents as if the school held classes at school, and tuition fees (full or partial) will not be refunded should parents decide to not participate in home based learning and/or withdraw their child(ren) during this period.


Priority for enrollment will take into account the following criteria:

1.    Sibling of already enrolled student.
2.    Student currently enrolled in another Cognita school
3.    Child of faculty member.
4.    Previously enrolled student, provided their credit record and finance are in good standing.
5.    In-order of receipt of a completed application form.