International Kindergarten & Elementary School at ISSP

At ISSP, our international integrated elementary school curriculum (that follows IB PYP) for children 6 to 11 years old is designed to provide students with a seamless transition into our secondary schools, ISHCMC or ISHCMC – American Academy, which have a 100% acceptance rate for students who apply to overseas universities. Our education program is aligned with U.S. national standards and is designed to strike an effective balance between academic excellence and guiding students in their creative, physical, emotional and social goals.


Our curriculum based on the IB PYP Framework that is mapped to American Standards. This curriculum ensures our elementary students’ transdisciplinary learning across mathematics, science, music, language arts and social studies is benchmarked against U.S. national standards, providing a seamless transition into our secondary schools, ISHCMC and ISHCMC – American Academy, which both have a 100% acceptance rate for students who apply to overseas universities.

Building English language proficiency in every child is one of our key goals at ISSP. English grammar lessons and writing workshops timetabled reading sessions in our Library that contains over 16,000 English books and an extensive Summer Reading Program develops every child’s literacy and communication skills.

Free English language support for non-native speakers is available through our extensive English as Additional Language (EAL) program. Designed to meet the academic needs of students at various levels of the acquisition process, our EAL program improves students’ abilities in reading, writing, listening and speaking until they are ready to excel in our mainstream programs.


All elementary students take the Measurement of Academic Progress® (MAP®) standardized testing three times a year to measure growth and progress within the academic year and as students progress through the grades. In 2018, over 80% of our students achieved above worldwide grade level standards in Mathematics in their MAP® tests. These assessments enable us to understand each child's strengths and needs, so that we can deliver individualized learning plans and ensure every student reaches their full potential while at ISSP.


To prepare students for success in our increasingly interconnected world, all elementary students learn either Mandarin or Vietnamese. Mandarin, the world's most widely spoken language globally, gives our students a competitive edge in preparation for future success in the international business market. Our students are passionate about learning a foreign language, and many choose to extend their Mandarin language education in our after school Mandarin Club. Vietnamese as a second language helps our students develop a deeper connection to the country we live in.


We recognize the importance of sports participation and regular physical activity, not only in improving strength and fitness, but also for its positive effects in increasing self-esteem, mood, and concentration. All

ISSP elementary students participate in our extensive swimming program, where specialist instructors teach children to refine stroke proficiency and build their strength and core stamina to swim with ease and efficiency over greater distances.

From Grade 3, students who show a passion for sports and a desire to extend their athletic abilities can compete in our swimming, soccer, and basketball teams against elementary sports teams from other international schools across the city, teaching children about teamwork, risk-taking, leadership, integrity and perseverance, important qualities that will carry them through their lives during and after ISSP.



With Information & Communications Technology (ICT) an integral part of daily life, we believe that children should become confident in its constructive and responsible use from an early age. In our dedicated ICT lab, students develop fundamental digital literacy skills and learn to use technology as tools to promote and access communication, information and creativity. Our ICT program also includes an exciting, interactive iPad program where children further develop their creative thinking skills in solving problems using technology.



We are committed to the development of the whole child, addressing students' social, physical, emotional and cultural needs with equal importance to their academic needs. Our extensive After School Activities Program of over 40 interest groups and sporting clubs, including competitive swimming and basketball teams, allows our students to explore their talents and enhance their creative, cultural and athletic capabilities with like-minded students. Activities take place after school in fixed time slots, and include opportunities in cooking, karate, computer skills, student leadership, choir, and dance. The common bonds and friendships created in these groups form the basis of ISSP's close-knit community and rich school culture.