International Preschool at ISSP

Your child's first experience of school is the key to laying the foundations for a successful learning journey. So, it is important that this experience is positive, happy, and exciting. This is exactly the experience your child will enjoy at ISSP's international preschool here in Ho Chi Minh City. Our highly experienced teachers specialize in early years education to deliver a holistic American curriculum starting at 18 months of age. We provide a variety of experiences so that your child develops a love for learning at a young age. At this stage, students are given a strong introduction to numbers and English vocabulary. As well as the beginnings of science, social studies, and culture through structured play in our specialized learning environments.


The best time to learn a language is during the early years, as young children actively imitate sounds and pronunciation. This is why, starting at 18 months, we focus on full immersion in the English language so that our children learn, communicate and play entirely in English. In addition to classroom reading time, dedicated English language workshops in our Library with over 15,000 English books develop fundamental literacy skills and a love of reading.



Conveniently located 5 minutes from city center, our ISSP campus is purpose-built to deliver the highest quality early childhood and elementary education. Our advanced learning environment includes classrooms equipped with interactive whiteboards, a library housing over 15,000 English books, and a state-of-the-art ICT lab. Children enjoy recess and lunchtimes in our Early Years interactive outdoor play areas. Motor skill development takes place in our on-site swimming pool, indoor soft play gym and outdoor sports field, while creative experiences are enjoyed in our ballet dance studio and specialist visual arts and music classrooms.



Early Years students enjoy a structured Physical Education (PE) program to develop and refine gross motor skills, which are essential for performing daily activities including eating, dressing, and sitting upright in class. From 18 months old, students enjoy swimming lessons at our on-site swimming pool, where they learn introductory water safety skills and techniques to stay afloat. From age 2, students enjoy a wider variety of sports and have access to the latest athletic and recreational facilities including a soft play gym, dance studio, and sports field.


Starting at 18 months old, our international preschool students begin a rich journey in the visual arts through the exploration of colors, textures, and a variety of other media. Students also develop fine motor skills essential to classroom success, such as hand & finger dexterity through painting, drawing, and sculpting activities. This creative journey continues with music opportunities delivered in specialized music classrooms, where students enhance their self-expression, imagination, and confidence.


We are committed to the development of the whole child, addressing students' social, physical, emotional and cultural needs with equal importance to their academic needs. Our extensive After School Activities Program of over 40 interest groups and sporting clubs each term allows our students to explore their talents and enhance their creative, cultural and athletic capacities with like-minded students. Activities take place after school in fixed time slots, and include opportunities in swimming, cooking, karate, student leadership, chior, basketball, and dance. The common bonds and friendships created in these groups form the basis of ISSP's close-knit community and rich school culture.