International Preschool at ISSP

Your child’s first experiences of school are the key to laying the foundation for a successful learning journey. It is therefore crucial that these early experiences are positive and developmentally appropriate. Run by our highly specialized teachers, the Early Years program in ISSP delivers a balanced curriculum that focuses on the development of both the interpersonal and academic skills of the child. It is well-aligned with our dominant pedagogy which is the IB PYP Framework, the teaching and learning approach bespoke to our school.


The image of the child lies at the heart of our play-based approach, which is inspired by the principles of the Reggio Emilia philosophy. We are influenced by the developmental milestones to successfully achieve learning outcomes. The children’s voices are heard and respected which guides us to create authentic experiences and meaningful learning environments.



Conveniently located 5 minutes from the city center, our ISSP campus is purpose-built to deliver the highest quality education. Our advanced learning environment includes classrooms equipped with interactive whiteboards, a library housing over 18,000 English books, and a state-of-the-art ICT lab. Children enjoy recess and lunchtimes in our Early Years interactive outdoor play areas. Motor skill development takes place in our on-site swimming pool, indoor soft play gym, and outdoor sports field, while creative experiences are enjoyed in our specialist visual arts and music classrooms.



It is important for young children to learn how to move their bodies with coordination and balance. Aside from the variety of unstructured free play, students in the Early Years are also offered a structured Physical Education (PE) program which reinforces the development of their gross motor skills.

Starting at 18 months old, students in the Early Years begin a rich journey in the visual arts through their exploration of colors, textures, and other art elements. Offering a variety of art activities also helps young children to develop their fine motor skills that are essential to perform daily tasks such as buttoning, zipping, using utensils, or wearing shoes. This creative journey continues with music opportunities delivered in specialized music classrooms, where students cultivate their self-expression, imagination, and confidence.


We are committed to the development of the whole child, addressing students' social, physical, emotional, and cultural needs with equal importance to their academic needs. Our extensive After School Activities Program of over 65 interest groups and sporting clubs each term allows our students to explore their talents and enhance their creative, cultural, and athletic capacities with like-minded students. Activities take place after school in fixed time slots and include opportunities in swimming, cooking, karate, student leadership, choir, basketball, and dance. For the Early Years level, there are over 15 engaging activities specialized for young children. The common bonds and friendships created in these groups form the basis of ISSP's close-knit community and rich school culture.