Over 90% of ISSP students achieve above grade level Maths

Allowing real time data for a more effective learning

Created by educators for educators, Measures of Academic Progress® (MAP®) assessments provide detailed, actionable data about where each child is on their unique learning path. International School Saigon Pearl (ISSP) uses the MAP® testing in English Reading and Mathematics to determine each student's instructional level and to measure academic growth throughout the school year, and from year to year. There are two sets of testing which will take place during the school year, once in the Fall and once in the Spring.

ISSP Results

80%+ of students achieve above grade level English and 90%+ students achieve above grade level Mathematics, compared to worldwide results in MAP® testing.



How MAP® testing works

MAP® is a computerized test, which dynamically adapts to student’s response as they take the test. If a student answers a question correctly they proceed to a more challenging question and if a student misses a question the test offers them a simpler question. In this way MAP® tests are unique in that they adapt to be appropriate for each student's level of learning. As a result, each student has the same opportunity to succeed and maintain a positive attitude toward testing.

MAP® data is used within the school to differentiate instruction. The RIT scores provided for each student allows teachers to identify the standards based developmental level for each student and therefore to construct learning goals based on the next set of standards that are individually relevant. More detailed information is available at the following website address: