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Who Are Mommy & Me Classes Really For
November 18, 2021

Who Are Mommy & Me Classes Really For?

With the horde of Mommy & Me classes available and the apparent need that some parents feel to be involved as many of them as possible, some may be left wondering who these classes are actually intended for. The most straightforward answer is that the classes can be incredible for both parent and infant, yet who’s receiving the advantages naturally changes as the child ages.

Around six months of age, for example, doing an infant yoga class definitely intended to mainly benefit the parent. The opportunity to just escape the house, and get some truly necessary exercise in a relaxing space is extraordinary for any new parent. It is likewise a chance to meet individuals with a mutual interest (yoga and being a mother, for example).

Meanwhile, any kind of class is of little importance to such a small kid. They essentially have not yet built up the psychological capacity to even meaningfully process the action going on around them. Because of this, there’s no reason why your child can’t also “participate” with you during classes such as this.

Fast-forward just a year or two and you will already see the recipient of benefits begin to change. For guardians, it is still a great chance to deepen their bond with their child, but with the significant benefit of the toddler being ready to learn new skills and information.

At this point, children can also begin to develop their early socialization skills, which are fundamental for a child’s advancement later on in life.

There are two classes of socialization: primary and secondary. Primary socialization is the acknowledgment and learning of societal norms, built up through interactions with others. This socialization happens when a kid learns the accepted perspectives, qualities, and activities from a specific culture. Secondary socialization alludes to realizing one’s role within a group that is a part of a larger society. Essentially, it is the standards of conduct imposed by agents of said society.

This significant process can be supported, for example, by Mommy & Me classes. So it can be ultimately determined that the primary beneficiary of these classes is without a doubt the child.

If you’d like to learn more about Mommy & Me classes or are interested in those that ISSP offers, please contact our admissions team for further assistance.