International School Saigon Pearl (ISSP) is a world class Elementary School for children 18 months to 11 years of age with our students continuing their High School education at ISHCMC  American Academy. Our school is centered on the ethos of building caring relationships with each child and family. In our nurturing school environment, we offer an academically rigorous American curriculum which develops students as adaptive, thoughtful and active global citizens. 

Dear International Saigon Pearl Community,

I am honored to be named as principal of International School Saigon Pearl. I am passionate about establishing and fostering a learning environment that is student-centered, collaborative, flexible, and will prepare all learners to attain academic and personal excellence.

Our fundamental purpose at the International School Saigon Pearl is to develop academic success in each of our students and embedded in the mission are our Expected School-wide Learning Results of developing critical thinkers and problem solvers, life-long reflective learners, socially responsible global citizens and effective communicators.

Multiple assessments are used throughout the year to measure student progress and to adapt teaching methods to enhance learning. Ongoing observations, running records, the IPT test for English language proficiency and Measure of Academic Progress test (Grades 3-5) are the main assessment tools.  Writing prompts are given twice a year to measure students’ growth as writers over the year. We use all of this data to reflect upon student learning.

Technology is also integrated into all aspects of the school day.  The school has several Smartboards, projectors and an independent IT suite that allows students the opportunity to interact with technology to enhance learning.  21st Century skills are promoted throughout the school with the help of an IT specialist who works with staff and students.  We are very excited to announce that we are piloting an iPad program this year that will further enhance and individualize learning.

We look forward to a wonderful year full of learning and fun for your child at ISSP where a love of learning and caring grows!


Campus Principal 

Lisa Johnson