Our Vision and Philosophy

As a school community, we will continually strive to provide the best teaching and learning experience for every student so that each individual reaches their maximum potential.  ISSP philosophies and guiding statements will lead us in fulfilling our vision of being the leading American International School in Vietnam.

ISSP challenges its students to achieve academic excellence through our rigorous American curriculum, taught in the English language and utilizes the most modern technology available. ISSP promotes community service, responsible global citizenship and the integral development of the individual student with American and Asian values.

Guiding Statements

We will support our philosophy through these Guiding Statements.

At ISSP, we will:

  • Maintain high standards of academic progress, achievement and performance.
  • Create an environment in our schools where students feel safe, secure and can thrive.
  • Develop bilingual students, fluent in English and Vietnamese or Mandarin.
  • Encourage students to become responsible global citizens.
  • Instill in students confidence and an enthusiasm for life-long learning.
  • Develop future leaders with active and innovative minds.
  • Celebrate diversity and build an understanding of and respect for different value systems and cultures.
  • Promote critical understanding and compassion for others and the courage to act based on one’s beliefs.
  • Provide a variety of learning support resources including English as an additional language, enrichment and counseling so that each individual can achieve success.
  • Recruit, retain and professionally develop leading American and international teachers.
  • Be a reflective and thoughtful community who seeks input from a variety of sources to successfully guide our progress.
  • Continue to develop a welcoming community that supports happy and passionate staff, students and parents.