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Open Day 2012

21 July 2012

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Dear Parents,

Cognita Education Group, one of the largest educational groups with over 60 schools in 5 countries, the owner of International School Ho Chi Minh City (ISHCMC) and manager of International School Saigon Pearl (ISSP) in Vietnam, are delighted to introduce the best American curriculum in Vietnam.

  • ISSP is a new purpose-built school, which in its first year, received candidacy status from WASC (the Western Academy of Schools and Colleges), the largest American school accreditation agency operating in East Asia.  It has the best facilities in the city center, a library with over 10,000 books, a Wifi campus, a multi-purpose room, a swimming pool, a soccer field, outdoor play areas and an on-site canteen.
  • The curriculum is based on New York State’s standards.
  • Over 20 different nationalities form the school body. ISSP is the only international school in HCMC that is academically articulated to the ISHCMC-American Academy.
  • International School Ho Chi Minh City (ISHCMC), the oldest international school in Ho Chi Minh City with  20 years of academic excellence, now introduces the American curriculum at ISHCMC-American Academy with ISSP as the elementary feeder school.
  • With the vision of becoming the most prestigious American school in Vietnam, ISHCMC-American Academy focuses on developing student talents and guiding them to gain admission to top universities in the US and around the world.


We proudly introduce the curriculum of ISSP and ISHCMC-American Academy with the following highlights:

  • Technology-integrated curriculum, particularly the application of iPad in teaching and learning at ISSP
  • A large variety of after-school activities, designed by the experts, to ensure a well-rounded education for elementary students
  • Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth will offer co-curricular activities in different areas of interest.
  • College credit courses from Syracuse University and College Board AP courses offered at ISHCMC - American Academy will give high school students the opportunity to earn college credits and shorten time at universities.
  • Highly qualified American teachers with over 60% having master degrees and post-graduate education credits

With a 20-year history of ISHCMC academic excellence and the management of the Cognita Education Group, we are confident to introduce the best American program in Vietnam. Please join us on Saturday, 21th July.

Yours sincerely,


Lois Maré


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